Lego at 55: the best block-buster movie parodies

To celebrate Lego's 55th birthday, here are our five favourite film spoofs starring the plastic figures

Many happy returns to Lego, the Danish company behind everyone’s favourite brand of toy building blocks, which turns 55 today!


Since first patenting its stud & tube coupling system in 1958, Lego has taken on a life of its own, spawning a vibrant global subculture.

Far from the simple structures of yesteryear, these days Lego fans can construct buildings, moving vehicles and even working robots from their favourite brand of blocks. 

But while many of us harbour fond memories of childhood fun with our Lego kits, the blocks have found another function in the Internet age: as the basis for a million and one stop-motion movie parodies.

So seeing as we’re film buffs first and toy enthusiasts second, we thought it appropriate to mark Lego’s 55th with a look at our five favourite Lego film parodies. So settle in and enjoy…

Man of Bricks

Take one po-faced Superman movie trailer, render in Lego and what do you get? This fun parody video…

Monty Python and the Holy Brick

How could you possibly make the Camelot dance routine from Monty Python and the Holy Grail any sillier? Easy! Just add Lego:

The Lego Factor

Some people say think Simon Cowell’s a cruel talent show judge, but he’s got nothing on The Riddler, Boba Fett and Luke Skywalker:

Pirates of the Stop Motion

Avast, me hearties! Captain Block Sparrow’s after me chocolate coins! Batten down the mizzen-mast etc.

Return of the Lego


And finally, here’s the franchise that started off the whole craze for Lego parodies: Star Wars. Here, the entire film is re-told by a kid with an enormous Lego collection and an impressive grasp of stop motion antimation: