Bruce Willis wreaks havoc in Moscow in a new clip from A Good Day to Die Hard – video

See Willis as John McClane kicking butt and destroying cars in this latest teaser for the fifth Die Hard film


Well, yippee-ki-yay: here’s Bruce Willis laying waste to half of Moscow in a new clip from A Good Day to Die Hard.


The action sequel is the fifth film in the enormously popular Die Hard series and once again stars Willis as sardonic super-cop John McClane.

In A Good Day to Die Hard, McClane travels to Moscow where he teams up with his estranged son to battle the might of the Russian criminal underworld.

And judging from the clip below, the film’s going to be a blast.

I mean, this snippet of footage runs for less than a minute, but in that time McClane is run over by a 4×4, punches a man out, cracks a couple of jokes, drives a jeep off a bridge and steamrolls over a truck laden with cars.

Also starring Jai Courtney, Yuliya Snigir and Mary Elizabeth Winstead, A Good Day to Die Hard will be released in UK cinemas on Valentine’s Day. (Book your tickets now, lovebirds!)


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