Glee – Jane Lynch: “Sue Sylvester is delicious”

The actress is a news junkie, an Anglophile - and a huge fan of Absolutely Fabulous and Episodes...

Is there a programme that you can’t miss?


Yes, and it’s British! I’m such a fan of Episodes. I’ve gone online to check out the secondary guys who play those American, Hollywood people and they’re all British – all of them! The only one who’s not British is Matt LeBlanc! I can’t wait to see more. They are doing more, right? I’m also watching the first series of Homeland on catch-up because everybody keeps recommending it but I’m liking it, not loving it yet. I’m on the verge of loving it, though, and I like the guy who plays the lead, Damian Lewis – another Brit! We’re giving you guys a lot of work. But you can keep coming over because you’re so good.

Have you got a guilty TV pleasure?

Yes, and I’m not saying this to blow smoke up your British butt, but I love Absolutely Fabulous and I’ll watch episode after episode after episode. I’ll fall asleep at night watching one after another and wake up in the middle of the night to the theme song and go, “Oh my God, I can’t watch another one…” And you know, that show has maintained such a high standard and the more recent ones are as wonderful as the earlier ones.

What makes you turn on the TV?

The news because I’m a total news junkie. I watch so much of it, especially if there’s a breaking story and it’s on a loop. Although after a while I get this dull feeling and I’m like, “OK, now I have to turn it off and do something else…” I get depressed. I do. It’s like an addiction.

Who controls the TV remote in your house?

I share it with my wife [she wed clinical psychologist Lara Embry in 2010]. I have a ten-year-old daughter but she likes watching YouTube videos. I don’t know what she’s watching half the time, which is worrying sometimes, but at least she’s not fighting for the remote.

Is there a programme that makes you cry?

Modern Family, believe it or not, has made me cry and, by the way, it also makes me laugh my ass off. I’m a real cry baby too, but I’m in denial about what makes me cry, which is clearly a lot of things. Glee has made me cry too.

Which one?

I can’t remember, but I don’t think I was in it.

Has playing cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester in Glee changed your life?

It has because it’s caught the imagination of kids. As well as my daughter, I’m around kids a lot and I would say I’m like Davy Jones. When I was growing up, Davy Jones was a big star. And I would say that the show, not just me, has become like the new Monkees.

Sue can be incredibly rude – do you enjoy playing her?

I do. I find her delicious. I love the fact that they’ve given her a baby and a bit of a heart this series and allowed her to evolve, so not only is she your worst enemy, she’s also your best advocate.

Jane Lynch stars in Glee (Sundays at 8.00pm on Sky1)


She’s the voice of Sgt Calhoun in the animated film Wreck-It Ralph, released on 8 February