Who will win Celebrity Big Brother 2013?

X Factor's Rylan Clark, Speidi, 'Razor' Ruddock, Claire from Steps or Ryan 'Toadie' Moloney? We assess the final five, and predict the results...


On paper an Australian soap legend like the Toadfish should have been a contender for the crown. He’s well liked and the viewers have grown up with him. 


However, despite an early twinkle in his eye, Ryan has turned out to be, well, just a bit boring. 

He spends far too much time flexing his muscles in the gym and despite a few notable run-ins with Speidi, he’s never really factored heavily in the “big storylines” of the house. 

The bookies have him down as an also ran for tonight’s final… and so do we…

Fourth place: Claire Richards

Claire is the everywoman of the house and (apart from once being a popstar) probably reminds many viewers of themselves. The problem is, that doesn’t make her very interesting to watch.

Her regular emotional breakdowns about missing her kids and constant grumbling about weight loss may be something we empathise with – but it’s not enough to make her a CBB winner. 

Claire can leave with her head held high – but she will not be Stepping (get it) onto the winner’s podium.

Third Place: Neil ‘Razor’ Ruddock

He’s like a big cuddly teddy bear… a big cuddly teddy who occasionally gets really angry and almost punches Spencer. 

Razor has come across well in this series, endearing himself to the public by taking on the role of excitable father of the house and showing his softer side, especially around Rylan.

In any other series he might have had a chance. But with Rylan and Speidi in the limelight, Razor’s reward is surely just being in the final.

Second place: Speidi

Whether they take the title or not tonight, there can be no question this has been Speidi’s series. From start to finish, their bizarre and volatile behaviour has set the house agenda and ensured they’ve commanded more than their fair share of screen time.

Insistent that it’s all just a game, they have pushed the pantomime baddie act to its very limit, remaining unapologetic for the consequences of their actions.

Why don’t the public vote them out? Because they’re brilliant to watch – but more importantly, because we want to know if its for real.

The bookies have them as 10/1 second-favourites – it would be a surprise if their schizophrenic act actually wins, but stranger things have happened. 

The winner: Rylan Clark

Even before the flamboyant joke X Factor contestant was officially announced, the bookmakers had Rylan down as hot favourite to take the CBB crown.

With his heart always worn firmly on his sleeve, his super-camp, hot tempered persona is the yin to his naive Essex simpleton yang – put more simply he is, in reality television terms, “the complete package”, appealing to the full spectrum of CBB voters, from the unemployed to the disenfranchised youth.

Although Rylan is 1/8 odds on to win tonight, there is still a chance the public might punish him for having left the house to practice for the X Factor tour – surely against the spirit of the show.


The Celebrity Big Brother live final is on Channel 5 tonight at 9pm