Brendan O’Carroll on Mrs Brown’s Boys the movie and a possible fourth series

Mrs Brown D’Movie is to start shooting this year reveals the creator and star, following the sitcom's triumph at the National Television Awards


Brendan O’Carroll, star and creator of Mrs Brown’s Boys, says the unexpected success of the BBC1 sitcom could lead to a fourth series and that a movie spin-off is due to start shooting later in the year.


O’Carroll dons drag to play the title role in the comedy about an Irish matriarch and her family, which was named best sitcom at Wednesday night’s National Television Awards, after picking up a Bafta last year.

“We didn’t do it for the awards, we did it purely for the money!” joked O’Carroll, backstage at the NTAs. “I always said from the outset to my producer Stephen McCrum that it would be three series and that would be it. But it’s been so successful and brought in so much money, that [we’re doing] the movie this year, which we start shooting in September.

“It’s called Mrs Brown D’Movie. That should be in theatres in June next year to compete with the World Cup. Once we’ve finished that there may possibly be a fourth series. I certainly didn’t think I would be as fond of it after three series as I am. I thought I would be a bit tired and a bit fed up.”


And if O’Carroll is still enjoying the show, so are viewers. The third series currently showing on BBC1 has been drawing audiences of 7 million, while two Christmas specials were seen by around 11 million viewers each.