Michael Winner Twitter star: his 10 best tweets

In the last months of his life, the film director won a new army of fans as a cult hit on social media

Michael Winner – who has died aged 77 – was best known as a film director, restaurant critic and star of insurance commercials. But for a new generation of fans, over the past two years he was a cult hit on Twitter. Irascible, playful, surreal, rude and self-effacing, Winner won 38,000 followers with his forthrightness and blithe disregard for the finer rules of English. He even raised laughs with tweets about being seriously ill.


Here are just ten of his best tweets. @MrMichaelWinner, we salute you…

1. “bought £1 pack of Haribo Starmix. Worst weets ever in history of my life, rubbery, tasteless, disgusting. ‘Happy world of Haribo’ Bollocks” 24 June 2012

2. “tomrrow they put a tube mytoe and run it thru to my mouth. then they add petrol and set fire to it so i can be dragon at jubileeparty” 29 May 2012

3. “My asst Dinah who was blown away and lodged in a tree yesterday is adapting well. She leaps from tree to tree. Ate 4 squirrels + woodpecker” 9 June 2012

4. “I have risen, like a glorious sun in the sky, like a transcendental happening, like a God coming among his people. Aren’t you all lucky.” 30 September 2011

5. “This 6am went up mountain tobogganed down over 2000 ft glacier ended up in restaurant had 11 waffles 5 eggs and bacon and exploded” 28 December 2011

6. “cloudy in london but i shall carrry on bravely fighting all vicissiitudes, leopards, lions,, budgerigars, ants, old ladies, teddy bears,” 14 September 2012

7. “i apologise for vulgar language in last tweet, u dont like it f*** off. I am in typically good spirits” 21 August 2012

8. “had scan of heart+lungs this am, remarkable, took 1/2 hr and u dont even go into a tube, almost enjoyable – then resultsshowed i was dead” 9 May 2012

9. “The Whooshy Monster & me have become good friends, in fact I think he’s starting a relationship with me. Is it real?” 20 November 2012 (his last tweet)


10. “i am extremely docile today, so much so many people assume, not incorrectly, that i am dead. If I’m dead I will be there to haunt you” 22 August 2012