Game of Thrones series 3 behind-the-scenes video – “This is the rise and fall season”

Watch interviews with the co-creators and cast of the fantasy drama, plus clips from the upcoming new series, as Westeros prepares for yet more change


With so many warring factions vying for the throne of Westeros, fantasy drama Game of Thrones has never been a show that’s sat still. Even it’s central characters aren’t necessarily safe, as Sean Bean – aka Nedd Stark – will attest, having lost his head at the end of series one.


But series three, more than ever, is about change, say its cast and creators.

“This is the rise and fall season because there are so many characters who come into the season with power of some kind who lose everything, and other characters who enter with almost nothing and achieve great power” says co-creator David Benioff in a new behind-the-scenes trailer for the series.

“There are a lot of tremendous new characters coming forward and we’re very excited about how that new blood shakes up the picture for the people we’ve already come to know and love,” adds fellow showrunner DB Weiss. “[There’ll be a] tremendous reversal of fortune I think you will be pleasantly surprised and horrified by in equal measure.”

“The show keeps expanding and breathing more deeply,” agrees Peter Dinklage, who plays out-of-favour noble Tyrion Lannister. “We kill a lot of characters, but for every character we kill we add two more.”

And Richard Madden, rebel leader Robb Stark, says the pace of the show will not let up after last season’s dramatic finale: “It’s on its feet and its running full speed, and every episode comes in at that pace.”

As well as interviews with the cast, the new video – Game of Thrones 3: Invitation to the Set – gives us our first glimpse of several new characters, including Lady Olenna Tyrell, “The Queen of Thorns”, played by veteran actress Diana Rigg.


Game of Thrones returns to UK screens on Monday 1 April at 9pm on Sky Atlantic. Watch the video below: