EastEnders spoilers: Tyler proposes to Whitney – picture preview

But, after a fraught week for the pair, will she agree to marry him?


Next week will be a tumultuous one for Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty) and Tyler Moon (Tony Discipline) after their relationship is rent asunder following confessions concerning a certain Joey Branning (more details on that here). But it seems that Whitney is in for a further shock when Tyler attempts to make amends for his furious reaction.


Viewers will see a heartbroken Whitney continue to work at the community centre, where – after making several attempts to talk to her – Tyler finds a way of showing Whitney exactly what she means to him.

“OK, ready, now!” says Tyler to the assembled group of kids, who all hold up letters spelling out ‘Will you marry me?’


“That’s what I see when I look at you – my wife,” says Tyler. But will Whitney agree to marry him? Find out in the episode set to air on Friday 1 February at 8.00pm on BBC1.