Coronation Street spoilers: Kate Ford reveals all about Tracy and Rob’s romance

“I’m a bit fed up of Tracy going on about how much she loves Steve. I think she needs to move on for everybody's sake,” says the actress


Last night Corrie fans saw the wily Tracy spar with business boss Rob (Marc Baylis). A clash over a Streetcars cab soon morphed into something a bit more flirtatious, so are we about to see a new romance on the Street? Actress Kate Ford tells us what’s next for Tracy and Rob:


So what does Tracy think of Rob? Is this the first time she has really noticed him?
I think so and she likes the fact that he’s quite feisty. It takes one to know one, so maybe they’re kindred spirits.

Is she attracted to him?
Yeah, I think she is attracted to him, especially because he gives as good as he gets. He’s not a pushover. If he’d have got out of the taxi, she probably wouldn’t have fancied him! It’s the fact that he argues with her. He’s got the banter and she likes that about him. He’s quite easy on the eye too. Plus the fact it might annoy Michelle is another good reason for Tracy.

Steve also ends up on Tracy’s agenda because she receives his petition for divorce through the post. How does Tracy feel about that?
She feels furious because she can’t understand why he’s blaming her! She thinks, if anything, that she should be the one blaming him and she cannot see it from his point of view whatsoever. She thinks that he caused her to lose the babies by flirting with Becky and that he slept with Michelle while they were still married. The petition says the marriage was irretrievable, but in her mind that wasn’t the case.

So how prepared is she to give up being Mrs McDonald, at least in name?
I think she’s grown weary of it all. As an actress I’m a bit fed up of Tracy going on about how much she loves Steve. I think she needs to move on for everybody’s sake as well! So, thankfully, Deirdre tells her to just sign the papers and Tracy doesn’t put up much of a fight. She’s given up on Steve and needs to move on. So she takes off her wedding ring, gets all dressed up and goes to the Rovers. And who should be there but Rob, who’s soon looking her up and down!

She may look like she’s dressed to kill but what do you think’s going through her mind?
I think she’s really nervous about the fact that she’s got to hold her own. Plus Michelle’s in the pub, so she wants to look like she’s in control. So she’s nervous but she’s also resolute – she has no qualms about what she’s doing and she wants Steve to think he’s the one missing out on something. It’s a shame really because he’s not! 

And Rob ends up quite amused by her behaviour. Is she aware of this or is she only concentrating on Steve?
There is a point when Rob turns round and starts laughing and she wonders what he’s finding so funny. Then he follows her outside she asks him why he was smirking. He says he wasn’t laughing at her, though. He was actually impressed. 

How does Tracy feel when Rob then asks her on a date?
She’s quite annoyed at first and because she thinks he was smirking at her. But he persists and flatters her, so she ends up thinking “why not?”. She doesn’t say yes straight away, though. She waits until she bumps into him again in the cafe.  

So, Rob ends up taking her for a drink in the Rovers – how does that go?
She fancies him, but when she goes home and thinks about it she realises he works at the factory. So she starts to think that maybe he could get her a job. So she just asks him if he’ll give her a job in the factory and he says yes. She can’t believe how easy it is. 

Rob is Michelle’s brother-in-law and they’re old friends – so could dating Rob be another way for Tracy to get at Michelle?
I think what comes into her head first is the possibility of the job at the factory because she wants money. Then she realises that it’s also going to really annoy Michelle, which is an added bonus. It’s all like a jigsaw for her – I’m sure she thinks she could take over that factory in time. 

Tracy obviously needs a new man to fall properly in love with, so could Rob be the one?
I think he’s like a nicer version of Charlie, so maybe. He’s got the bad lad streak and he’s ruthless, but he’s not as cruel as Charlie. 


Well, you’ve raised the spectre of Charlie Stubbs there, so we have to ask: could Tracy ever be driven to kill again?
I don’t think she ever wants to go back to prison because she absolutely hated it. So for that reason, no. Also, I think she was in such a dark place when she was with Charlie. I don’t think she just killed him for the sake of it – she’d gone a bit mental because he was playing games with her head.