Your snowed-in guide to daytime TV

Stuck in the house, "working" from home, or just can't be bothered to put your coat on? Never fear, here's everything you need to keep you entertained on a cold (but lazy) day in...

A Place in the Sun: Winter Sun (11:00am, Channel 4)


It’s January, we’re in Britain and it’s snowing. Could there be a better TV antidote than a tour of the best properties in sunny Tenerife? No. So forget the coco – whack up the central heating and mix yourself a jug of Sangria instead. Ole!

Jamie’s 15-Minute Meals (12:05pm, Channel 4)

So, what celebratory meal are you going to whip up on this unexpected day off? Jamie’s Mediterranean dish of rosemary chicken, polenta and porcini tomato sauce should usher in the sunshine. Don’t believe it will take just 15 minutes? You’ve got an hour ‘til the snooker starts… 

Live Snooker: the Masters (1:00pm, BBC2)

What better way to tackle a white-out than an afternoon surrounded by green baize. Settle down to what’s potentially a classic best-of-11 contest between Mark Selby and Mark Williams LIVE! Hazel Irvine presents The Masters on BBC2 from 1pm.

Home and Away (1:15, Channel 5)

Get some sunshine back into your life with visits to Summer Bay and Erinsborough.  Home and Away turned 25 yesterday, and even though the theme tune’s changed – sadly the Mark Williams and Karen Boddington original is no longer with us –  Alf Stewart is STILL in it! 

Neighbours (1:45pm, Channel 5)

And if you’re wondering who that Ryan Moloney character on Celebrity Big Brother is, you can see him chew up the scenery on Neighbours from 1:45pm on the same side. The best news is, if you really enjoy your time Down Under, you can do it all again early evening… word has it the repeats are sometimes EVEN better!

Classic Albums: Jimi Hendrix – Electric Ladyland (2:00pm, Sky Arts 1)

Fancy a primo slice of pre-watershed rock ‘n’ roll excess? Then you’ll “dig” this in-depth look at the making of Jimi Hendrix’s seminal 1968 double album, which covers everything from the genesis of the songs on the record to its legendarily saucy cover art. Turn on, tune in and, erm, enjoy.

Father Brown (2:10pm, BBC1)

If you have a proper job you probably haven’t had a chance yet to catch Fast Show alumnus Mark Williams in his latest guise as GK Chesterton’s sleuthing cleric. On a chilly day like today, a cosy English village and a cosy murder are sure to warm you up.

Rising Damp (4:10pm, ITV3)

Crank up the central heating and get ready to laugh the late afternoon away in the company of Rigsby, Alan, Philip and Miss Jones in Rising Damp. Today’s episode The Prowler features a guest appearance from George Sewell, and sees Leonard Rossiter’s miserly landlord being taken for a ride by a policeman who is not all he seems.

Robots (4:45pm, Film4)


If you were in the office on an ordinary Friday, you’d start clock-watching about now. Thanks to the white stuff you can keep your eyes on the TV screen instead. This charming animated film featuring the voice of Ewan McGregor should see you through to teatime.