Film DVD round-up: Dredd, Shadow Dancer, Lawless and Hysteria

This week: 2000AD’s comic-book lawman is finally taken seriously, IRA informers and Depression-era bootleggers risk all, plus a stimulating look at the invention of the vibrator...


Dredd (Cert: 18)
4 stars


The future of law enforcement is in safe hands

Formats: DVD and 3D Blu-ray (includes standard Blu-ray)

Extras: Six mini-featurettes about the production, plus interviews with the cast and crew

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Shadow Dancer (Cert: 15)
4 stars

Andrea Riseborough plays an IRA member turned spy

Formats: DVD and Blu-ray

Extras: A production featurette plus a commentary from director James Marsh and writer Tom Bradby

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Lawless (Cert: 18)
2 stars

The real-life tale of a family of Depression-era outlaws

Formats: DVD and Blu-ray

Extras: Commentary from director John Hillcoat and author Matt Bondurant, seven minutes of deleted scenes, a decent featurette about the film’s inspiration and production, another brief one about its Virginia setting, plus a Willie Nelson music video. The Blu-ray also includes a look at the Bondurant family.

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Hysteria (Cert: 15)
3 stars

One Victorian doctor’s gift to the women of the world

Format: DVD

Extras: Commentary with director Tanya Wexler, A filmed Q&A with her and stars Hugh Dancy and Jonathan Pryce, a short production featurette, three minutes of deleted scenes, plus excerpts from the documentary Passion & Power: the Technology of Orgasm.


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