EastEnders spoilers: Tanya throws Max out of the house

There are far-reaching consequences at No 5 Albert Square after Max admits his true feelings for Kirsty


Tanya (Jo Joyner) is to kick Max (Jake Wood) out of the family home in an emotionally fraught upcoming episode.


Fans will see the beleaguered Tanya interrogate Max over his actions towards Kirsty (Kierston Wareing) after discovering that the pair shared a kiss before Derek’s funeral. During this dark night of the soul, Max admits some truths about his relationship with his wife, even telling Tanya about Kirsty’s abortion.

And as Tanya pushes Max for more answers, she realises that he cares more for Kirsty than he has ever previously admitted. After revealing that he does still have feelings for the woman he’s trying to divorce, Max tries to reassure Tanya that his desire will subside once Kirsty is out of their lives.

But not wanting to live in the shadow of another woman ever again, she angrily tells him to leave. Max tries to reason with her, but Tanya is adamant and boots him out of the house.


So is this the end of Max and Tanya’s rocky relationship? Find out on Tuesday 22 January at 7.30pm on BBC1.