Call the Midwife series two – preview pictures and predictions

Jenny, Trixie, Chummy and Cynthia are back in 1950s east end for the second series of BBC1's Call the Midwife


When Call the Midwife first hit our screens in January last year it became an instant and somewhat unexpected hit. Who could have guessed we’d tune in in our millions to watch a group of nuns deliver babies in a poverty-striken area of east London? 


The first series kicked off with the arrival of newly qualified midwife Jenny at Nonnatus House. Drama and disaster, loss and grief, new life and new loves followed and before long we were hooked. 

A year on from her arrival at the east end convent, Jenny and the girls are back. So what should we expect from series two? It might seem all births, babies and bicycles, but Call the Midwife has a darker side too. Expect a side order of poverty, domestic abuse and neglect with your heart-warming story lines in series two…

Looks like not-so-newbie Jenny’s got stuck in a middle of a gentlemen’s road race. These midwives don’t travel anywhere unless it’s on two wheels, and it seems the rest of the east end has started following their example. 

Here’s one thing we know for sure. The first episode of series two sees Jenny celebrate her birthday. And if there’s one thing the midwives discuss almost as much as new arrivals it’s sweet treats. The purpose of this mother’s meeting is probably to reach a decision on that all important birthday cake. Victoria sponge or lemon drizzle? Chocolate or fruit? The possibilities are endless…

More cycling. We told you these girls never walk anywhere. It may be Jenny’s birthday but the circle of life never rests – and neither of them look too happy about it. Perhaps they missed out on a slice of cake before duty called. 

Poor Sister Monica Joan. Here’s one midwife who looks less than concerned with the pressures of the job. The elderly eccentric was found wandering around the docks with nothing but a nightie on at the end of series one. We all know she’s got a sweet tooth, but what is that she’s about to put in her mouth? Fingers crossed it’s edible. 

Could romance be on the cards for the lovely Sister Bernadette and Dr Turner? We’re not sure what the convent’s rules are where such things are concerned, but we certainly spied a spark between them during the Christmas special. Plus those jazzy glasses suggest she’s dressed to impress…

Suspicious much? This is the face of someone who’s harbouring a secret. Perhaps girly and gregarious Trixie’s flirty ways have got her in trouble? Maybe she’s been dancing with one too many boys or staying out too late? We can’t imagine Sister Evangelina is too forgiving when it comes to girls who galavant around the east end after dark… 

Look’s like Miranda, sorry, Chummy is all alone at the cinema. Who is supposed to be sitting in that empty seat? Maybe life on the beat is taking it’s toll on Chummy’s new hubby PC Noakes. Perhaps he’s been called off to sort out a pickpocket, leaving her alone at the pictures…

Someone scrubs up well out of uniform… Maybe Jenny’s glammed up appearance means her love life’s on the up? Scandalously, the shy lass was still carrying a torch for a married man during series one, but it’s about time she found some real rromance. Could things work out between her and Jimmy in series two? 

What on earth is going on here? Who are these strapping young men and why does this woman appear to be about to give birth in a submarine? Call the Midwife is set in the east end of London, not the high seas…

It all seems very strange. Our imaginations fail us. 

Watch the trailer for series two:

Call the Midwife starts on Sunday 20 January at 8:00pm on BBC1