Viral videos of the week: Tarantino, McFly, a ghost and a trombone

What a week it's been for viral videos! Let's try to process it together with these five hand-picked corkers

1. Mr Pink With Rage
This week’s top celeb v interviewer smackdown sees leading movie anthologist Quentin Tarantino get in a scrape on Channel 4 News.


The question in question is the one about whether violent movies lead to more real-life violence: yes, it’s a bit of an old one and yes, Tarantino isn’t lying when he says he’s answered it a bajillion times before. Still, his idea of what interviews are for is pretty hilarious. The highlight? Probably our Krish drawing himself up to his full height (not easy sitting down, but The Murth manages it) and reminding Quents that this is a news programme, not a dirty stinking film show.

2. It’s all about Tom
The winner of the internet this week is Tom Fletcher, the senior vice-president at McFly Enterprises, Inc. He had a wedding where he did a speech, which was filmed.

Some people thought it was all a bit embarrassing. Millions of McFly fans – or “McFlans” as they insist on styling themselves – disagreed.

3. Like, total football?
Another frighteningly good team goal by a short-passing kids’ eleven, and amazingly they’re yet again not English.

AO Giannina are the stars of a clip that heralds a 12-0 victory for Greece against England at the 2018 World Cup.

4. Food to ghost
A brilliantly executed prank by a man dressed as a car seat. An order is made at a drive-thru cholesterol restaurant. The car comes round to collect it. There’s nobody driving.

Apart from the fun of the servers’ physical reactions – one young woman even does the “turn away to wipe your brain, then quickly turn back” thing I thought was only in movies – the vid is a useful almanac of the various ways in which American people convey the sentiment: “I am surprised by this turn of events.”

5. Slide rules
A dead simple idea, but you didn’t think of it first: a man films himself playing the trombone, with a camera mounted on the slidey doodah. Indefinably funny.


He’s a proper musician too, for the New York Philharmonic, so the actual tromboning is deeply satisfying also.