Meet the cast of The New Normal

Justin Bartha, Andrew Rannels, Geogia King and Ellen Barkin star in the new E4 surrogacy sitcom from the maker of Glee, Nip/Tuck and American Horror Story


The New Normal – created by Ryan Murphy, the man behind Glee, Nip/Tuck and American Horror Story – hits UK screens tonight at 9pm on E4.


The hit American series follows a gay couple living in Los Angeles who want a baby and the woman they have selected to be their surrogate. Here’s everything you need to know about the characters, plus where you might have seen the cast before… 

Andrew Rannells plays Bryan Collins.

Bryan Collins is David Murray’s fiancé. The happy couple live in LA where Bryan is a producer for a TV programme ‘Sing’ (a thinly veiled reference to The New Normal creator’s real life as the producer of Glee?). Bryan decides that the only thing missing from his life is a baby and so convinces partner David that they should start a family…

34-year-old Andrew Rannells is probably a familiar face for theatre-goers having starred in The Book of Mormon, Hairspray and Jersey Boys on Broadway. However, you might recognise him as Hannah’s ex-boyfriend Elijah in Lena Dunham’s hit comedy Girls.

Justin Bartha plays David Murray.

Bryan’s fiancé David is a gynaecologist. Before Bryan convinces him that they are “the new normal”, he is unsure about whether Bryan and him should start a family. He is still worried about his ability to be a father though – will he go through with their plans to have a baby?

34-year-old Justin Bartha is most well known for playing Doug Billings in The Hangover and The Hangover Part II, though you might also recognise him from co-starring alongside Nicolas Cage in the National Treasure films. 

Georgia King plays Goldie Clemmons.

Goldie is a shy waitress from Ohio who, after walking in on her husband with another woman, moves to Los Angeles with her daughter for a fresh start. Here she meets David and Bryan, and decides to become their surrogate. Goldie is an aspiring lawyer and plans on spending the surrogacy money on putting herself through law school. 

Scottish actress Georgia King has appeared in Little Dorritt, Jane Eyre, Merlin and Skins. The 26-year-old’s film credits also include parts in The Duchess, Chalet Girl, One Day and Cockey’s vs Zombies. 


Ellen Barkin plays Jane Forrest, Goldie’s grandmother. 

Brash, uptight and opinionated, Goldie’s small-minded grandmother Jane follows Goldie and her daughter to LA – and doesn’t plan on going back to Ohio without them. Will she manage to thwart the trio’s surrogacy plans?

You might recognise 58-year-old Barkin from films such as This Boys Life, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Switch and Sea of Love. 


Bebe Wood plays Shania Clemmons, Goldie’s eight-year-old daughter. 

Shania Clemmons is Goldie’s daughter who travels with her to California. You might recognise Bebe from parts in 30 Rock, Submissions Only and Veep.

The New Normal starts tonight at 9pm on E4


Watch a clip from episode one: