Andrew Marr “responding well to treatment” after suffering a stroke

The 53-year-old journalist and television presenter was taken to hospital on Tuesday after falling ill

53-year-old journalist and television presenter Andrew Marr is receiving treatment in hospital after suffering a stroke on Tuesday.


“The hospital confirmed he has had a stroke,” the BBC announced in a statement. “His doctors say he is responding well to treatment. His family have asked for their privacy to be respected as he recovers. His colleagues and the whole BBC wish him a speedy recovery.”

The presenter of The Andrew Marr Show – known to be a keen distance runner since his schooldays – was taken ill on Tuesday before being diagnosed in hospital as having suffered a stroke.

Marr’s colleagues and interview subjects were quick to offer their sympathies to the broadcaster, with Labour leader Ed Miliband tweeting, “My thoughts are with Andrew and his family. I hope he gets well soon.”

Joining in the chorus of well-wishers was Jonathan Dimbleby who said, “I’m very shocked that someone so energetic, fit and young should have a stroke.” Fellow BBC political broadcaster, Andrew Neil, added: “Very distressed to hear news about Andrew Marr. Best wishes for full and speedy recovery.”

Born in Glasgow in 1959, Marr began his career in journalism at The Scotsman newspaper in 1981, before joining the team which launched The Independent, eventually becoming its editor in 1996. He then moved to the BBC as political editor in May 2000 and has since fronted The Andrew Marr Show on Sunday mornings as well as a number of history programmes, most recently Andrew Marr’s History of the World. 


The BBC has announced that James Lansdale will front The Andrew Marr Show this Sunday, with guest hosts due to continue presenting his regular programmes until he makes a full recovery.