Primeval: New World – watch video clips from the transatlantic dinosaur spin-off

Fans of dinosaurs and running will love these trailers for the new Watch show, which starts tonight

Primeval series five finished in 2011 and Terra Nova, Steven Spielberg’s attempt at bringing dinosaurs to the small screen, went extinct last year after just one season. But its not all bad news for fans of the sci-fi-meets-prehistoric-reptile genre. Look, here are two clips from Primeval: New World, which, if it’s name is anything to go by (it’s not) is a mashup of the two series (Terra Nova is Latin for New World, you see).


The transatlantic spin-off of the ITV1 (and, more recently, ITV/Watch co-production) follows a Canadian team that discovers deadly prehistoric predators emerging onto the streets of Vancouver through those pesky anomalies in time.

In the clips below, two of the team chase one of the anomalies, while in the next a dinosaur chases two of the team. We just hope you like running as much as you like dinosaurs…


Primeval: New World is on Tuesdays at 9pm on Watch