Primeval: New World – meet the cast

Tuning in to sci-fi-dinosaur spin-off Primeval: New World? Keen to know a bit more about the characters, and the actors who play them? You need this...


They chase dinosaurs, jump through portals to prehistoric times and all but one of them is Canadian. Here’s everything else you need to know about the characters – and the actors who play them – in sci-fi spin-off Primeval: New World…



Niall Matter is Evan Cross

Six years ago, software inventor Evan Cross encountered a dinosaur that had passed through a portal from an ancient era. Now, he’s obsessed with tracking down these space-time anomalies. A lab at Evan’s company Cross Photonics is used as the team’s base.

Actor Niall Matter is no stranger to prehistoric CGI monsters – his first major role was in TV movie Beyond Loch Ness. SyFy channel viewers may also know him from appearances in Stargate Atlantis, (A Town Called) Eureka and Warehouse 13. Teen drama fans, meanwhile, might recognise Niall from recurring roles in remakes 90210 and Melrose Place.

Sara Canning is Dylan Weir

One of the two female characters with boy’s names, Dylan Weir is a conservation officer and expert in predatory behaviour among animals (think Hannah Spearritt’s Abby Maitland in the original show). 

Sara Canning is another serial sci-fier, having had parts in The Vampire Diaries, Kyle XY and Superman prequel Smallville, but her first role was as Paris’s sister Nicky Hilton in TV movie Paparazzi Princess: The Paris Hilton Story.

Crystal Lowe is Toby Nance

Toby (yes, she’s a girl) is a physics prodigy who builds the devices the team use to track the anomalies.

Like co-star Sara Canning, Crystal Lowe has turned up in Smallville and she’s also had roles in US horror movie sequels Wrong Turn 2: Dead End and Final Destination 3. Before Googling Crystal, be aware that you may struggle to find a photo of her wearing more than a bikini…


Danny Rahim is Mac Rendell

Mac Rendell is the Primeval: New World team’s security and firearms expert.

It’s British actor Danny Rahim’s first major gig, although UK viewers might have spotted him as Jagdeep Gakhal in 2011 BBC1 drama Young James Herriot. The same year, he turned up as a one-off character named Harpreet in an episode of EastEnders.

Miranda Frigon is Angelika Finch

Ange Finch, Evan’s business partner and oldest friend, keeps their company Cross Phonetics afloat while he’s off hunting dinosaurs.

Yet another SyFy/sci-fi alumnus, actress Miranda Frigon had recurring roles in Jake 2.0 and supernatural series Sanctuary, as well as Canadian family drama Heartland. She’s also a singer-songwriter with two album releases to her name.

Geoff Gustafson is Lt Ken Leeds

Canadian Air Force officer Lt Ken Leeds once headed up the now defunct government department charged with investigating mysteries such as alien visitors to Earth – and the anomalies. He now lends an occasional  helping hand to Evan’s Special Projects Group.

Geoff Gustafson’s only previous recurring role was in Gotta Grudge?, a bizarre-sounding series in which “regular people” settle their scores in the ring. But – sci-fi/fantasy alert! – he also turned up briefly in the aforementioned Eureka and as a dwarf in fairy tale-based fantasy Once Upon a Time.


Primeval: New World is on Tuesdays from 8 January at 9pm on Watch