Emmerdale spoilers: Matthew Wolfenden – I think David will realise Alicia is the love of his life

Theirs may have been a sham marriage, but do David's true feelings lie with Alicia?


David Metcalfe is currently a very confused man – he married Alicia (Natalie Anderson) last summer in a sham wedding before she went to prison, but is now committed to a relationship with Priya (Fiona Wade). Yet with Alicia now back in the village and young Jacob (Joe Warren-Plant) caught in the middle, it’s all getting a bit fraught. Actor Matthew Wolfenden reveals what lies ahead for David and who he believes his character will end up with:


So, does David realise just how upset Alicia is with him? 
I think, as daft as David is, he kind of does know how much he’s hurt her. But he’s one of those people who just brushes everything under the carpet. He pretends it’s not happening, which always comes back to bite you on the bum, doesn’t it? Plus I don’t think he understands his feelings. At the moment, he’s saying that his feelings are all coming from the fact that he thinks the world of Jacob. I don’t think he possibly realises he has feelings for Alicia. He’s brushing all that to one side. 

Do you think he has real feelings for Alicia?
I don’t think he really knows. There’s obviously something there. I mean, he asks her to keep living with him! He’s saying that he loves her as a friend, but I think that as the days go by, that ‘friendship love’ is turning into ‘real love’. But he doesn’t really understand it. He is a bit daft. 

Might he have stayed married to Alicia if he hadn’t fallen for Priya? 
Possibly. Very possibly. It’s such a sad story, really. It was an awful situation. The reason why Alicia ended up going to prison was for David. She hit Val because Val was getting at David. She was in love with him and she thought she was doing the right thing. So she ended up going to prison and then the love of her love ends up getting with the local posh girl. So it’s a horrible thing to have happened to her. All along, this was supposed to be only a short-term thing – he was only doing it while Alicia was in prison. But who knows what would have happened?

Is David serious about Priya? 
I think he thinks he is. It’s a funny situation. He does love Alicia. He wants her to stay living with him and they’ve got this amazing family. Only it’s not a real famiy. It’s all a bit cockeyed.

And how does David feel about Jacob knowing that he and Alicia have split up?
Oh, horrible! Apart from Nikhil, Jacob’s his only friend in the village! He’s gutted that he’s lost his little sidekick. Jacob’s devastated. Also, Jacob feels that it’s his fault and David can’t get through to him that it’s not. David’s pretty devastated about losing Jacob. But I don’t think he realises how upset he is about losing Alicia as well. 

Is Priya worried about the whole situation? 
Priya is a bit jealous of the relationship David has with Jacob. Everything that David does and says revolves around Jacob. And I think Priya is worried that this is going to take him closer to Alicia and away from her. That’s her worry.

David telling Jacob that “nothing is ruled out for the future” doesn’t exactly help matters, though?
Yes, Jacob thinks it’s all his fault and David’s desperately trying to tell him it’s not. But he doesn’t want to tell him the truth about the marriage being a sham. And then David says, ‘never say never. Things might happen.’ David’s only saying it to make Jacob a little bit happier, but it makes Jacob think that if he can do something to get his mum and David back together then he’ll do it. So he goes away and tries to cook a meal for them and gets a bottle of wine. And it all goes a bit wrong, but bless him, he thinks that if he tries, it’ll bring them closer together. 

What reaction is there in the village when word spreads that David and Alicia have split up? 
David’s not too popular! Even though this marriage was a sham and he did it out of the goodness of his heart, Alicia still comes out on top. I think he feels a little bit bewildered.

How does David feel when Jacob catches him and Priya together?
He’s pretty devastated, to be honest. The last thing he wants is for Jacob to find out in that way. He desperately wants Jacob and Alicia to stay living with him, as well as Priya! And it’s never going to work like that. But David’s so stupid that he thinks it could work. So the fact that Jacob catches him puts the final nail in the coffin. And when David and Alicia sit Jacob down to him the truth about the marriage, Jacob says, “you’ve lied to me. You always tell me not to lie and you’ve told one of the biggest lies ever”.

Then we have the big moment when David kisses Priya in the pub… 
This changed during filming, actually. David was supposed to kiss Priya in the pub as a show of affection to her in front of the village. What we ended up doing was having Priya coming over and giving David a kiss while Alicia was out of the room. And then Alicia walks in and catches them.  We felt it was too much that David would deliberately kiss Priya in front of Alicia, who’s someone he says is his best friend. We felt it would be a step too far for David to do that. He’s not a bad person and he’s not as deceitful as that. So we put all the blame on Priya, to be honest!

How upset will David be if he loses contact with Jacob? 
I think he knows he’s not going to lose contact with him unless Jacob and Alicia leave the village, which isn’t something that David believes they will do. He doesn’t think he’s going to lose contact, but he’s upset about losing that bond and the closeness with Jacob. It’s not a good time for David. He’s a little bit confused.


And is there a chance that David will realise that Alicia is the love of his life?
Aboslutely. I think that’s the way it’s going. I’ve felt that for the last year or so. I think that’s what the viewers want as well. I get asked it a lot in supermarkets: when is David going to get with Alicia? I think that’s the climax of the story and where it needs to go as a nice ending to the love story. I think it will happen, but it’s going to take a long time. There will be lots of twists and turns beforehand.