Watch two giraffes “necking” in new clip of David Attenborough’s Africa

Take a look at footage of two hostile males engaging in a brutal head-to-head in the Namib Desert

“Necking” – commonly known in the English language as slang for downing an alcoholic beverage (or kissing, if you live in the 1950s). Except in the animal kingdom it has an entirely different meaning…


For his latest nature series, Africa (starting tonight at 9pm on BBC1), David Attenborough has travelled to the Namib Desert where he encounters two hostile male giraffes squaring up to one another in a scene reminiscent of a classic spaghetti western.

The head-to-head between the two creatures seems fair enough with each boasting one crucial weapon in their armoury – their necks. In an extraordinary scene the pair use their impressive height and agility to take swipes at one another employing a technique known as “necking”. Take a look at the clip below for a full demonstration…


Africa begins tonight at 9:00pm on BBC1