James Bond: Skyfall is 2012’s second-most gaffe-packed film release

Sharp-eyed viewers have spotted a whopping 35 mistakes in the 23rd Bond movie... but there's even more in Men in Black III!


The makers of Skyfall have proven to be more Johnny English than James Bond, as it turns out that the mega-grossing spy epic is chock-full of mistakes.


While Skyfall was one of the slickest films released last year, and drew praise for both its star Daniel Craig and director Sam Mendes, the film isn’t, alas, quite perfect.

In fact eagle-eyed cinemagoers have spotted no fewer than 35 blunders in Skyfall, making the 23rd Bond film 2012’s second-most error-strewn movie.

Of all last year’s cinema releases, only Men in Black III boasted more mistakes, with contributors to MovieMistakes.com highlighting an astonishing 63 bloopers in the Will Smith/Tommy Lee Jones comedy sequel.

According to the site, these are some of Skyfall’s more notable mistakes:

* In the chase through the tube station, Bond and Silva both slide down between the escalators. On the London Underground this area has hard vertical signs at regular intervals, precisely to prevent people sliding down.

* In the opening chase scene 007 rides his bike against the wall of the bridge. The bike bounces back, but in the next shot it is catapulting over the wall, tumbling over and over.

* When on the motorbike on the rooftops of Istanbul, Bond at first has no sunglasses on, then sunglasses on, then no sunglasses.

When Bond is fighting on top of the train at the beginning of the film, his footwear changes from black lace up shoes to black slip-on ankle boots.

Tut, tut, tut.

But to be fair to Sam Mendes and his crew, most of 2012’s mega-budget blockbusters featured more than a few howlers.

The Dark Knight Rises and The Amazing Spider-Man each contained 24 errors, Avengers Assemble had 22, and Ridley Scott’s Prometheus boasted 13.

Here’s the MovieMistakes 2012 top ten in full:

1. Men in Black III – 63
2. Skyfall – 35
3. The Dark Knight Rises – 24
4. The Amazing Spider-Man – 24
5. Marvel Avengers Assemble – 22
6. Looper – 14
7. Prometheus – 13
8. Argo – 13
9. Underworld: Awakening – 10
10. The Hunger Games – 10


If you’ve time to kill and a keen eye, why not see if you can spot any more mistakes in Skyfall’s trailer below?