EastEnders: Lauren Branning’s binge drinking to peak during 2013

Executive producer Lorraine Newman reveals what lies ahead for the troubled teenager


EastEnders boss Lorraine Newman has revealed that there will be rocky times to come for Lauren Branning (Jacqueline Jossa): 


“Lauren’s obviously very troubled,” says the show’s executive producer. “A huge amount of what we’re seeing now is to do with what’s been going on with her parents for such a long time. It’s a tough one covering the issue of binge drinking because, inevitably, in order for it to have sufficient impact, it has to go on for a considerable amount of time. There’s a real danger that it will become unpalatable and that you won’t have much empathy for the character. 

“But Jacq’s a fantastic actress and I think those moments of vulnerability that we get from her are amazing. The moment after the crash where Joey walked away from her was just heartbreaking and the pair of them together are just gorgeous.” 

Recently, viewers have seen Lauren become romantically involved with her cousin Joey (David Witts). But it seems that her dependence on alcohol – which began when mum Tanya was battling cancer last year – will grow in the coming months. 


Speaking on the show’s website, Newman adds: “We will see Lauren’s story come to a peak [in 2013], but how will she deal with it? Will she come out the other side? What kind of impact is it going to have on her family? And, again, it’s a huge issue story, something that’s affecting so many teens, and the impact that it’s having on the parents and the siblings is huge. It’s something we’ll be going into major detail with.”