Radio Times Quiz of the Year 2012: TV

Try TV editor Alison Graham's fiendish ten question TV puzzler


1. Which BBC quiz programme finally said “Goodbye” this year after 12 years and 23,500 questions?


2. Name the French novel (and the author) on which BBC1’s hit department-store drama series The Paradise is based?

3. What’s Mad Men actor Jon Hamm’s favourite BBC4 sitcom?

4. Which EastEnders character carried the Olympic torch during a special live insert on the soap?

5. A former Sopranos gangster relocated to Lillehammer on BBC4. Who was he?

6. Which Turner Prize-winning British artist presented a Channel 4 series on taste and the British class system?

7. Which watery ITV1 drama by Julian Fellowes was dubbed “Drownton Abbey” by me?

8. A Great British Bake Off contestant made a mess on BBC2 when he put his finger in the mixer. Who was he?

9. Which comedian played a straight role as a bereaved father in BBC1’s tough drama, Accused?

10. Which contestant on Strictly Come Dancing was told by the judges that she looked “fabulous”… as long as she stood still?