Radio Times Quiz of the Year 2012: Film

Try Barry Norman's fiendish ten question end-of-year movie puzzler

1. What turned Harry Potter into a haunted lawyer?


2. Who connects Shakespeare’s Richard II with James Bond?

3. Who’s the link between a postponed marriage and terrorists blowing up a dam in the Middle East?

4. In which film did Roberto Benigni suddenly become famous for being famous?

5. Why was the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo accused of denying Darwin’s theories?

6. Who is Bane?

7. What does Uncle Ben in The Amazing Spider-Man have to do with Tony Blair?

8. In which film did Samuel L Jackson, Scarlett Johansson, Mark Ruffalo and others combine to save the world?

9. What’s the link between Guy de Maupassant and a screen vampire?

10. Where did Maggie Smith go to seek a cheap hip replacement?