Emmerdale: Christmas Day episodes, review

Cameron rids himself of a corpse, Edna gets burgled and Jimmy visits a grave - David Brown finds little peace and goodwill in tonight's double bill


“Nothing’s ever going to be as bad as this again,” said Moira as she tried to reassure Chas, who now has a pack of rabid Dingles wanting to string her up after being found not guilty of murder. Little did they know however that Cameron, now a murderer two times over, was at that exact moment tipping Alex’s corpse into the big hole he’d just dug. Oh, the irony.


Cameron ought to watch his back, though, if he wants to get away with his crimes. For starters, he needs to stop dressing like a Crimewatch photofit. Hoodie, stubble, wild eyes, leather gloves – he’s got all the bases covered there, hasn’t he? Have a rethink Cam – how about a nice V-neck taupe cardigan like the one Steve was wearing?

Ordinarily, Cameron’s fraught expression wouldn’t stand in his favour either. But he’s in good company in Emmerdale. Never have I seen such a bunch of sour faces stewing under party hats. First, we had Jimmy, who’s idea of a good time was to stand by the grave of his dead brother and reminisce about the time Carl murdered his dad. And then there was Amy, who was quite rightly put out by her mum’s suggestion to get her norks out over the turkey dinner. But at least Edna got to be happy for a couple of minutes – “I thoroughly enjoyed the service,” she beamed at Jude the vicar, only to discover that her house had been trashed while she’d been at church.

But wait – I am, of course, forgetting about Marlon and Laurel. He looked merry in a snowman jumper, she got merry on free booze and passed out at Belle’s birthday party. They were the picture of happiness, blithely ignorant of all the well-worn plot devices swirling about around them. Because let’s face it, some of those storylines were as weather-beaten as Zak’s flat cap. The undercooked turkey, there to signify the ghastly Kerry’s general incompetence. The expensive bracelet that Alicia thought David had bought for her, but which was later spied on Priya’s wrist…


Thank goodness then for Cameron who, despite his giveaway killer’s dress sense, brought a genuine sense of menace and tension to the proceedings. His oath to let nothing come between him and Chas must surely have had viewers wondering who could be next on his hitlist. Fingers crossed he takes Kerry into his confidence pretty soon, eh? I’m not sure how much more of her I can take.