Coronation Street: the 10 best Christmas moments

David Brown selects his festive Weatherfield highlights as Hilda leaves, Katy gives birth and Les Battersby's turkey comes a cropper


1) Hilda leaves (1987)


It remains the most-watched episode in the Street’s history: Hilda Ogden bows out after 23 years in Weatherfield in order to make a new life for herself as Dr Lowther’s housekeeper. An audience of 26.65 million witness her singing Wish Me Luck as You Wave Me Goodbye in a packed-out Rovers.

2) Rita sings A Winter’s Tale (2010)

In the aftermath of the tram crash that killed Molly and Ashley, former chanteuse Rita covers a David Essex classic as the residents reflect on their losses.

3) Kevin attacks John Stape (2007)

John “all I wanted to do was teach” Stape comes a cropper after getting Rosie and Fiz’s presents mixed up. Rosie’s dad Kevin acts in his usual calm, phlegmatic manner and gives the Stapeinator a pasting for having an affair with his 16-year-old daughter.

4) Raquel’s Christmas star (1994)

The romance between Curly and Raquel dominated mid-90s Corrie and here we see one of its most memorable moments – the occasion when Curly gets a star named after his beloved. Unfortunately, the star with Raquel’s moniker would shine brighter and longer than her doomed marriage to Curly.

5) Ashley and Claire’s wedding (2004)

The ultimate in feel-good telly as butcher Ashley marries Claire in a scene set against a very snowy Weatherfield. And who knew that his middle name was Sibelius? However, Steve and Karen’s marriage goes more than a little pear-shaped just at the moment that the Peacocks celebrate.

6) The 1940s show (1972)

A little snapshot here of how the Street used to celebrate the festive season. These theatrical extravaganzas were commonplace during the soap’s early years, with 1972’s highlight being Bet, Betty and Norma dressed as the Andrews sisters and singing Apple Blossom Time.–4NK3s

7) Katy’s nativity birth (2011)

As a last-minute replacement Mary in the Bessie Street nativity play, Katy goes in for some extreme method acting by actually giving birth to a baby during the performance. The newborn then gets the appropriate name of Joseph!

8) Les kills Theresa the Turkey (1997)

Turkeys are high on a lot of people’s shopping lists, but not live ones that go by the name of Theresa. Les Battersby’s Christmas acquisition is liberated by Toyah before her dad can slit its throat, but still comes to a sticky end when it collides with Les’s car. “I can’t eat this. Look, it’s even got tyre marks on it!” complains Leanne later.

9) David gives Ivy’s diary to Gail (2006)

David (in his mad, bad and dangerous to know phase) discovers that Gail intended to have an abortion while pregnant with him. The incendiary information is contained within the pages of his grandma Ivy’s diary, which David wraps up and hands to his mum as a present, before reading the relevant passages aloud at the meal table in front of his family and dinner guests the Websters.

10) The Duckworths barricade themselves in at the Rovers (1998)

When Jack and Vera get wind of Alec Gilroy’s plan to turf them out of the Rovers, they refuse to leave the upstairs living quarters of the pub. In the process, life is made very difficult for the unscrupulous Alec…