TOWIE and Made in Chelsea make neighbourhoods less desirable

Britain's structured reality TV series are affecting their local housing markets - and not in a good way


Fancy living near Joey Essex, bumping into Proudlock when you’re buying your morning paper or witnessing Holly Hagan do the walk of shame? Not really? Well, as it turns out, most people agree…


Property experts Right Move have reported that our reality TV shows are tainting popular opinion and making the shows’ locations less popular places to set up home. 

According to new research, of all the reality TV troupes in Britain, the tango-tanned vajazzle-loving TOWIE lads and lasses have tarnished their filming location the most – because of their televised antics nearly half of the UK think that Brentwood in Essex is a “less desirable” place to live. 

Elsewhere, the rude and crude casts of MTV hits Geordie Shore and The Valleys have been wreaking havoc on the housing market too, especially among locals. A massive 55% of Brits living in their native North East feel that Geordie Shore is making Newcastle a less desirable place to live, while 40% of Welsh respondents think scandalous show The Valleys is having a negative effect on Cardiff.

And it seems even swanky Chelsea isn’t safe. According to Right Move, the cast of MIC – with their expensive clothes, petty fights and awkward silences – have made the central London location 33% less desirable than it was before Hugo, Spencer and Ollie graced our screens. 


So it seems that while we love watching the TOWIE cast’s wild nights out and Geordie Shore’s shocking escapades from the comfort of our living rooms, that’s about as close as we want to get…