Merlin series five, episode eleven – preview pictures and video

Mordred is torn between loyalty and love in Saturday's episode The Drawing of the Dark

Last week’s episode of Merlin saw Morgana search for Emrys with renewed vigour. First she captured and tortured Alator of the Catha and, when he failed to reveal Emrys’ identity, went in search of his loyal servant Finna. 


Meanwhile, Finna – who was being hunted by the knights of the round table too – had travelled to Camelot to help Merlin. After an attack which left Merlin injured, Finna warned him not to trust Mordred before killing herself so Morgana could never find out who Emrys is. 

But, while Merlin was saved, the episode ended on a dark note when we learnt that Merlin’s dragon was dying and a knight was found murdered… 

Now, the end of Merlin is drawing close. This Saturday’s episode will be the last one before the two part finale, so tensions are growing in Camelot. As war becomes inevitable, Merlin worries that he can do nothing to stop the prophecy coming true. Meanwhile mysterious Mordred is torn between love and loyalty to Camelot…

The adventure continues on Saturday at 8:15pm on BBC1


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