The Queen goes 3D for 2012 Christmas message

Her Majesty will become the first royal to be broadcast in 3D

As a key feature of the traditional British Christmas since 1952, the Queen’s annual message is not necessarily an action-packed affair, or somewhere you’d expect to see cutting-edge technology on show, so it’s perhaps a suprise to hear that this year Her Majesty will be broadcasting in 3D.


Most viewers won’t notice any difference when they sit down to watch The Queen’s 60th Christmas address – only those with 3D TVs and glasses will be able to see Her Majesty in all her three-dimensional glory – but the programme will mark the first time a royal has been broadcast in 3D, after plans to show the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding in the format were abandoned because the audience was deemed too small.

The Queen has never shied away from new technology – having used YouTube, Facebook and Twitter in the past – and it will be the second time she’s embarked on new television territory this year. In July she surprised the nation by appearing alongside Bond actor Daniel Craig in a recording for the Olympic opening ceremony.


According to reports, the Queen recorded her Christmas message at Buckingham Palace on Friday. The speech is likely to focus on the Olympics and her Diamond Jubilee and is not expected to feature any major action sequences…