Holby City to get Scandinavian drama treatment

A special "cinematic" episode sees Jac Naylor heading to Sweden in search of Henrik Hanssen, Holby's missing director of surgery

The Killing, Borgen, The Bridge… Holby City? Given the popularity of Scandinavian drama, sending the BBC1 medical drama to Sweden for a special episode seems like a smart move.


Airing in January, and described as “cinematic” and “one of the most ambitious episodes Holby’s ever made”, the story sees series regular Jac Naylor (Rosie Marcel) going in search of the hospital’s absent director of surgery Henrik Hanssen (Guy Henry).

When it becomes apparent to staff at Holby City that Hanssen is in Stockholm attempting to block a financial offer from a Swedish pharmaceutical company that would result in a £40m windfall for the hospital, Naylor is dispatched to find out just what he’s up to.

What follows is a story that reveals a great deal about the surgeon’s past, his reasons for going AWOL in the first place and whether or not he’ll be returning to Holby City Hospital in the future.

Meanwhile, back home, Luc Hemingway (Joseph Millson) finds himself haunted by events from the past, heading off the rails and possibly facing an unhappy end to his time at the hospital.

Head writer Justin Young said the episode featured “extraordinary performances and a stunning visual backdrop,” calling it “epic, cinematic” and “one of the most ambitious episodes Holby’s ever made.”

Young promised to take viewers on “an unforgettable journey to the very heart of our two most enigmatic characters: Luc Hemingway and Henrik Hanssen,” adding “It’s a story about love, confronting the past, and – for one of our characters – new beginnings.”

Just one question remains – what kind of jumper will Jac Naylor be wearing?


The special episode of Holby City is on BBC1 at 8:00pm on Tuesday 8 January.