Coronation Street: Fiz left fighting for her life with carbon monoxide poisoning

Tyrone's attempts to fix the faulty boiler at No 5 end in disaster - "He's absolutely devastated," says actor Alan Halsall

Corrie’s Fiz (Jennie McAlpine) will be left in a critical condition this New Year after Tyrone’s attempts to fix her boiler end with her being rushed to hospital with carbon monoxide poisoning. 


“He’s absolutely devastated,” reveals Alan Halsall, who plays Tyrone. “He can’t believe he is possibly going to lose yet another person who he loves.” 

In the run-up to Christmas, viewers will see Tyrone and Fiz grow close and embark on a clandestine affair. But Ty’s efforts on Boxing Day to mend Fiz’s faulty boiler at No 5 will end in disaster: 

“He thinks he knows what he’s doing because he fixes cars. But, of course, the last thing he should be doing is fixing a boiler. He’s not qualified at all and it’s such a risky thing to do.” 

Following Tyrone’s visit, Fiz will begin to feel ill before pulling out of a family holiday that Owen has booked. When she later fails to show for a planned lunch date, Ty becomes suspicious and eventually finds her unconscious at home. Once at the hospital, the doctor explains that Fiz could have suffered brain damage and that the dodgy boiler could be to blame. 

“He feels guilty,” says Halsall. “She might die and it would be his fault. But he knows that if he comes clean about messing with the boiler then Kirsty will know he was at the house and the whole affair will be exposed.” 

In recent weeks, viewers have seen Tyrone planning to leave abusive partner Kirsty Soames (Natalie Gumede), but only after he has secured parental rights over his baby daughter Ruby. Following Fiz’s hospitalization, Tyrone will be forced to keep up the pretence with Kirsty, just at the time when he wants to be by Fiz’s bedside: 


“It’s impossible – he has to pretend to Kirsty that he isn’t interested in how Fiz is, when all he wants to do is rush to her bedside. He’s totally in love with Fiz – they belong together and they would make such a lovely family with the two girls.”