The X Factor 2012 final – live blog

It's Jahmene v James v Christopher: join Jack Seale for every single moment of the most culturally significant weekend of the year so far

It’s nearly over! After twelve weeks of auditions and 57 live shows, the 43,000,000 original applicants have been whittled down to just three. Truly they are a trio to be reckoned with. So who will prevail?


Will it be humble thimble of soul Jahmene Douglas, with his wibbly extra notes and big finishes? Could it be the new bookies’ favourite, tender Teesside ruffian James Arthur? Or can people’s nans, people from Liverpool and people from Liverpool’s nans sweep quivering cheesemonger Christopher Maloney to victory, thus destroying The X Factor for ever and turning it into light-entertainment “dark matter” that could swallow up ITV1’s entire Saturday schedule? Let’s find out!


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