Christmas Gift Guide for Film Fans

Your ultimate guide to finding gifts for film fanatics


1. Hobbit inspired slippers 


Keep your toes warm this Christmas, hobbit-style. These comedy feet, complete with incredibly fetching ginger toe hair, will delight any (well, most) Tolkien fans. 

From £19.99 Pre-order here

2. James Bond inspired comb 

You wouldn’t see James Bond with messy hair now would you? Channel 007 while you tame those locks. Warning:  posing in the mirror is unavoidable. 

From £6.99 Buy here

3. Les Miserables Soundtrack 

The film may not even be out in UK cinemas yet, but that’s not enough to stop the most ardent Les Mis fans. The Oscar buzz surrounding the star-studded blockbuster implies it’s set to be a classic, so be one step ahead and pre-order the soundtrack for the musical theatre fanatic in your life… 

From £9 Pre-order here

4. The Making of Harry Potter tickets

Give your wannabe wizard the ultimate treat. For just 21 muggle pounds, Harry Potter fans can wander along Diagon Alley, grab a Butter Beer by Privet Drive and learn all the film’s behind-the-scenes secrets. Plus you’ll get the chance to fly a broomstick. Kind of. 

From £21 Buy here

5. Star Wars Origami

Use the force (of your fingers) to fold paper into Star Wars shapes. There are 256 pages and 36 different projects which increase in difficulty as you master the ancient art… 

From £12.99 Buy here

6. Hunger Games Mockingjay Pin 

Start a revolution of your own with a replica of Katniss’s Mockingjay pin.  

From £6.15 Buy here

7. Anchorman Mug 

This Christmas present is kind of a big deal. Inspired by everyone’s favourite Anchorman, slurping tea out of this mug will make sure everyone knows how important you are… 

From £5.99 Buy here

8. Twilight Contact Lenses

The epic saga may have come to a close in cinemas, but that doesn’t mean the love affair has to end. Get one step closer to being Bella with these creepy contacts and you might even stumble across your very own Edward. (We stress the word ‘might’)

From £10.59 Buy here

9. Cinema iPhone Cover

The world can be your film set and you the director with this clapperboard iPhone cover. 

From £24.95 Buy here

10. Lego Pirates of the Caribbean Alarm Clock

Ahoy there! Wake up to Captain Jack Sparrow every morning with this Pirates of the Caribbean alarm clock. He has moveable limbs and that all important snooze function. 


From £17.49 Buy here