The best video games of 2012 – Christmas gift guide

From Halo 4 and Hitman Absolution to Forza Horizon and Fifa 13 - your ultimate present guide for the gamer in your life...

1. Halo 4


Strap on the Master Chief’s battle armour in this hotly-anticipated XBox-only first person shooter, which sees Microsoft take over development duties on the series from Bungie. Set five years after Halo 3, the game boasts both a huge single-player campaign and groundbreaking new multiplayer modes. Lock and load!

£34.99 Buy here

2. Hitman Absolution

Assume the persona of assasin Agent 47 and try to blast your way through a dark and twisted game world. Experiment with Agent 47’s ability to hide in plain sight, kill with your bare hands and fashion weapons out of almost anything you find lying around.

£29.99 – PlayStation 3 / £29.99 – XBox 360

3. Forza Horizon

Petrolheads and speed-freaks alike are bound to get a kick out of the latest in the critically-acclaimed Fonza racing series. Taking place on the open roads of Colorado and boasting a music festival backdrop, Forza Horizon also gives players the chance to race against planes and helicopters in showcase challenges.

£38.16 Buy here

4. Fifa 13

Experience all the drama of real-life football via your games console with the latest in the Fifa series. Fifa 13 features improved artificial intelligence and physics, and boasts a host of online features too. 

£38.82  – XBox 360 / £39.79 – PlayStation 3 /£28.95 – Wii

5. New Super Mario Bros. U

Experience classic platforming action on the Wii U. with this brand-new Super Mario Bros adaptation. Up to five players can get involved in the at any one time by using Wii remote controlers on one Wii U. GamePad. As well as Story mode, the game’s also got a time-trial feature and a novel Challenge mode too.

£42.00 – Buy here

6. Far Cry 3

Explore a huge open world environment (and blow the bejeezus out of it) in this innovative first-person shooter. Work your way through two suspensful single-player campaigns or band together with your friends in the game’s team-based multiplayer mode.

£37.99 – XBox 360 /£39.97  – PlayStation 3 /£37.99  – PC

7. Need for Speed Most Wanted

If you want the title Most Wanted, you’ll have to outrun the cops and outsmart your rivals in this frenetic open-world racing sim. Players can grab a car and jump right in to the action, racing in three different types of event, or get involved in the game’s non-stop multiplayer mode for additional thrills and spills.

£35.55 – PlayStation 3 /£36.87 – XBox 360

8. Call of Duty: Black Ops II

The latest instlament in the multi-million selling shooter series sees players propelled into a near-future 21st century Cold War and features both a huge, non-linear single player campaign and an all-new multiplayer mode.

£41.41  –XBox 360 / £42.00  – PlayStation 3 /£34.71 – PC

9. Dance Central 3

If you’ve got a Kinect, why not use it to bust out some moves at home over the festive season? Featuring a number of different single and multiplayer modes as well as 45 chart-topping dance hits from the ’70s to the present day, Dance Central 3’ll get the party started in any XBox owner’s home.

£24.99 – Buy here

10. Resident Evil 6

The latest installment in the survival horror features three single player campaigns, plus an unlockable fourth and a host of  bonus modes, and should keep fans of zombie-blasting action happy for a good long while.


£20.00  – XBox 360 /£20.00  – PlayStation 3