Star Trek Into Darkness: does extra footage in Japanese trailer hint Benedict Cumberbatch is Khan?

There are just a few more seconds at the end of this version than in the US trailer - but they could be very significant

If you’re a Star Trek fan, by now you’ll probably have seen the new trailer for movie sequel Into Darkness, in which we’re shown the first footage of Benedict Cumberbatch’s hard-as-nails but as-yet-unnamed villain. But have you seen the Japanese version of the trailer? You should, because it features a few seconds of extra footage which could offer a clue to the identity of Cumberbatch’s character.


“Is there anything you would not do for your family?” asks Cumberbatch over the extra seconds of the film, before we see a shot of two hands pressed together through a pane of glass, one arm apparently clad in a blue Star Fleet uniform.

It’s very reminiscent of that famous moment from original Star Trek movie sequel The Wrath of Khan in which a doomed Spock tells Kirk from inside a radiation-filled dilithium crystal chamber, “I have and always shall be your friend.”


While there’s no chance JJ Abrams was not thinking of that scene when he shot this one, that doesn’t of course mean they’re the same or that Cumberbatch is the villain of that film, Khan Noonien Singh. The notoriously playful director could quite easily be having fun with us and deliberately adding to the hype surrounding Cumberbatch’s identity. On the other hand, the revenge-driven, apparently superhuman, character we see in the trailer does sound very like the genetically enhanced Khan. Watch the trailer, and the extra footage at the end, below and decide for yourself…