Homeland Christmas Gift Guide

The ultimate guide to finding presents for the CIA spy wannabe in your life


1. Homeland Series One Boxset


Every Homeland fan needs a copy of the series one boxset so they can watch that explosive (or not so explosive) series finale again, and again, and again…

From £24.97 Buy here

2. Homeland Series Two Boxset

And with the current series hurtling towards it’s conclusion too, it’s the perfect opportunity to make sure your Homeland addict gets their hands on the boxset as soon as it’s physically possible.

From £25 Pre-order now

3. Lie Detector Kit

Homeland would be a whole lot simpler (although a lot less interesting) if we knew who was telling the truth. And while this kit is unlikely to catch practised liars like Brody out, it might just reveal who ate the last mince pie this Christmas… 

From £19.99 Buy here

4. Remote Room Monitor 

Keep an eye on the suspected terrorists in your life even when you’re out. This clever video recorder will allow you to monitoryour home/wallet/lunch when your at work, on holiday or off on a secret mission to get another glass of mulled wine… 

From £99.95 Buy here

5. Would Would Carrie Do? T-shirt

Now we’re not saying you should base all your life decisions on sometime brilliant but sometime unstable Carrie Mathison, but if you fancy giving it a whirl this t-shirt will certainly help next time you find yourself in a tricky situation… 

From $24.95 Buy here

6. Covert Digital Voice Recorder 

Secretly record conversations with this sneaky voice recorder. It’s handily disguised as an innocent USB stick – and with silent and light free operation, no one will suspect a thing. Plus to top it all, it’s actually a USB stick you can keep a dossier on too.

From £12.25 Buy here

7. Spy The Lie 

When it comes to detecting deception CIA-style, why not take notes from the professionals themselves. This book, penned by former CIA officers, promises to help you figure out whether your other half, boss or wayward teenager is telling the truth. Plus it also features real life stories about corrupt officials, moles and ‘turned’ assests… Sounds just like an episode of Homeland. 

From £7.92 Buy here

8. Radio Control Video Helicopter 

Keep an eye on the skies – or spy on your neighbour’s new conservatory – with this remote controlled flying camera. The clever chopper can take up to a minute of footage or hundreds of aerial snaps. The world (and by that we mean your living room/sheltered back garden) is your oyster… 

From £69.99 Buy here

9. Signed Photo 

What Homeland fan wouldn’t want a signed photo of loveable rogue Brody, instinct-driven CIA officer Carrie and sensible Saul to adorn their living room wall? 

From £9.99 Buy here

10. Homeland inspired T-shirt 

Profess your love for Homeland’s main characters (yes, even Abu Nazir) by having their names emblazoned on your chest. It’s the perfect getup for rewatching episodes of Homeland from your series one and two boxsets (see gifts number one and two.)


from £17.99 Buy here