Merlin series five, episode ten – preview pictures and video

Morgana hunts for Emrys in Saturday's episode The Kindness of Strangers


In last Saturday’s episode Gwen was finally freed from Morgana’s evil clutches. With the help of Gaius and a pretty unconvincing attempt at drag, Merlin hatched a plan to use his magic to save the queen and – although in typical fashion Morgana showed up to try and thwart him – the royal lovebirds were back to normal by the end of the episode.


Next week Morgana continues in her hunt for Emrys, leaving Merlin’s life in danger. The mysterious Finna offers to help, but can Merlin trust her? 

As there are only four more episodes before the series says its final goodbye, it’s safe to assume the next couple of episodes are going to be dramatic… 


The adventure continues on Saturday at 7:55pm on BBC1