Will Kate Middleton and Prince William stick to royal baby name tradition?

Meaningful moniker or wacky one-hit wonder – just what baby name will the young royals choose…

St James’s Palace may only just have confirmed that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expecting their first baby, but talk is already turning to what their firstborn will be called – and also whether we’ll get another day off (you know, we’ve got a lot of spare bunting to use up!)


Baby name pressure is always piled high on celebrities – Beyonce and Jay-Z tried unsuccessfully to trademark daughter Blue Ivy’s name and earlier this year Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer resorted to crowd-sourcing name suggestions from her staff in order to get the name just right for “Baby Boy Bogue” – clearly Time magazine’s suggestion of Cloud or Homepage didn’t quite cut it.

The royal family’s influence on baby name popularity has never been more apparent than this year, with Harry topping the UK list of most popular boys’ name for 2011 and William – said to mean resolute protector – taking top 10 spots in both the UK and USA.

Being rather good pals with the Beckhams, the young royals may look to the place of conception for baby name inspiration – although here’s hoping they were hanging out in Kensington Palace and hadn’t popped out for a night of debauchery in Clapham.

Thinking closer to home, and perhaps rather more sensibly, Wills and Kate could consider taking baby name inspiration from previous British Monarchs. There has been a King George on the throne six times out of 12, while William, Anne and Victoria have all placed once. A fitting name for any future leader, surely?

In a bid to shun tradition, Kate may well look to Princess Anne for baby name advice, as she managed to get a rather exotic Zara past the royal family. Or perhaps the Duchess will want to play it safe with a rather unfussy Sophie, Mary or Alexandra, should it be a girl, and maybe a John, James or Albert for a boy. Of course there have been many whispers of the couple honouring William’s late mother Diana, which would be popular with the nation if not with the rest of the royals.

A recent report from US name analysts predicts baby names across the globe will be inspired by climate change, weather and ancient mythology and gods. According to authors Pamela Redmond Staran and Linda Rosenkrantz names are set to include Augustus, Atticus, Persephone and Thor. With a few Alfonsos in the family, frankly nothing would surprise us. Here’s to months of speculation! 


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