The BBC news reporter and the mystery of the ‘broken spectacles’

On last night's news, James Landale appeared to have damaged a lens in his glasses - turns out it was just the result of "bright lights in the rain"...


lf you were watching the News at Ten on BBC1 last night, you may well have found yourself slightly distracted during a report by deputy political editor James Landale on the new energy bill.


Not that it wasn’t fascinating stuff, it was just that Landale seemed to have had a bit of trouble with his glasses. It looked very much as if the left lens had been badly cracked and that a makeshift repair job had been attempted. weren’t the only ones to notice the apparent spectacular malfunction. Impressionist Rory Bremner took to Twitter to share a screenshot of Landale, saying “Bloody hell it’s rough at Westminster. Who smashed James Landale’s glasses?”

Turns out there hadn’t been any fisticuffs after all – it was just a trick of the light. “I blame the editor who insisted I ditch the umbrella. Rain and glasses and bright lights do not mix,” tweeted Landale, while a BBC news publicist confirmed “It was simply bright lights reflecting in his glasses in the rain.”


Watch the report on BBC iPlayer here, and check the evidence below, and you’ll no doubt come to the same conclusion…