Soap pick of the day: EastEnders – Joey and Lauren’s horrific car crash

The kissing cousins come a cropper in tonight's dramatic episode


You’d have thought that Lauren Branning would be steering clear of cars after the hit-and-run that landed Max in hospital. But no – the speed demon is back on the road again tonight in dramatic style after fleeing the Square with Joey in tow in Derek’s motor. 


Fearing exposure now that Derek knows the truth about their over-familiar relationship, Joey and Lauren decide to leave Walford behind. But anyone who’s witnessed EastEnders road accidents of years past will know that the borders of E20 are fiercely policed – stray too far and terrible things happen. 

So it’s no surprise that within seconds of their departure, Lauren is swerving to avoid an oncoming obstruction and ploughing their vehicle through a shop-front window. Will either of them survive the smash-up? Take a look at our behind-the-scenes pics here and – if it’s spoilers you’re after – then here’s what’s happening in next week’s episodes.


EastEnders is on BBC1 at 8pm