Dark Skies – new trailer

Keri Russell and Josh Hamilton star in an alien invasion film from the producers of Paranormal Activity


A creepy trailer for alien invasion film Dark Skies has been released. 


Starring Keri Russell as Lacy and Josh Hamilton as Daniel, Dark Skies tells the story of a happy, suburban family who start being terrorised by a terrifying alien presence.

Out of the blue strange things begin happening to the family – from nightmares and odd lights to marks appearing on their little boy’s body and thousands of birds flying into their home. And soon their lives start spiralling out of control when their sons begin acting like they are possessed and Lacy and Daniel realise that they are not fully in control of their bodies anymore.

From the look of the trailer, domestic horror film Dark Skies – which is made by the producers of Paranormal Activity – will definitely be making us jump out of our cinema seats…


Dark Skies will be released in US cinemas on 22 February 2013. A UK date is yet to be confirmed