Inbetweeners actor to star in BBC3 assisted suicide sitcom Way to Go

Blake Harrison plays a young man aiming to set up a business helping terminally ill people to die - yes, it's a black comedy

It may be an unlikely subject for comedy but BBC3 is clearly of the opinion that we should laugh in the face of death, having commissioned a new sitcom about a young man going into the assisted suicide business.


Way to Go is a six-parter from US TV writer Bob Kushell – who has worked on 3rd Rock from the Sun and The Simpsons – and stars Blake Harrison, known to fans of The Inbetweeners as moronic sixth-former Neil.

Harrison plays twentysomething Scott who, aside from fending off the advances of his predatory female boss and recovering from a recent split with his girlfriend, is also in desperate need of cash to pay off his brother Joey’s life-threatening gambling debts.

An unusual solution to their money worries presents itself when a terminally-ill neighbour makes a moving plea to die, and Scott, Joey and their friend Cozza go in search of a highly-illegal assisted suicide machine.

BBC3 controller Zai Bennett called Kushell’s scripts “dark, poignant, absurd, moving and brilliant… but mostly very, very funny,” while the show’s creator said of his move to UK television “As someone who was weaned on great British comedy, including Monty Python, Blackadder and Fawlty Towers, there has been no bigger thrill in my life than to have a show on the BBC.”

Way to Go stars Ben Heathcote as Cozzo and comedian Marc Wootton as Joey, and also features Laura Aikman (Lemon La Vida Loca), Sinéad Matthews (Vera Drake, Ideal) and guest appearances from Warren Clarke, Tom Georgeson and Derek Griffiths. 


Kushell said: “In over 20 years of writing comedy, I’ve never worked with a better cast and crew.”