Star Wars: George Lucas and Kathleen Kennedy on the Lucasfilm handover – video

See the Star Wars creator and new Lucasfilm president opening up about their business relationship


While it doesn’t take a genius to realise why George Lucas decided to sell Lucasfilm to Disney (I mean, what would you do if someone waved a $4bn cheque under your nose?), it’s less clear why the Star Wars creator decided to hand over the reins of his production company to Kathleen Kennedy as part of the deal.


Happily though, Lucas and Kennedy reveal all in their latest video interview.

In the clip, Lucas kicks off with some reminiscences about meeting Kennedy in the late ‘70s and, after reiterating his desire to retire from the film world, says that Kennedy’s own record of success as the producer of movies like ET and Jurassic Park meant she was ideally suited to head up Lucasfilm.

“She had her own very successful career, her own successful company with her husband, making big movies,” says the filmmaker.

“I don’t have to give Kathy advice, she knows what to do. She knows better than I do. So that’s the best part about this; she’s someone I don’t have to explain anything to.

“She has all the qualities that are necessary to run a company like this and make it great.”

Which is a rather ringing endorsement, eh? Fingers crossed that he’s right and Star Wars is now in some very capable hands indeed…


Watch the clip below: