I’m a Celebrity… Get Me out of Here! 2012 rumour mill: was it fixed for Helen Flanagan?

Was there more to the Corrie scaredycat's sudden transformation than met the eye?

THE RUMOUR: Corrie babe Helen Flanagan’s transformation from chippy omniphobe to 12-star breadwinner – and, increasingly, a dark horse to actually win the series – was achieved by vaguely nefarious means. Not only was “TV shrink” Dr Sandy Scott brought in to spend hours behind the scenes with Flanagan, telling her not to be so terrified of hamsters and crickets; but the trials were made progressively easier until Sunday night’s box full of insects, for which Flanagan was allowed to wear a weird collar that stopped her getting bitten too much, or having creepy-crawlies down her famous front.


QUOTE FROM A “SOURCE” WHO PROBABLY DOESN’T EXIST: “Sandra should get 12 stars! Her session was pretty intense but it worked. Helen was told to think of the good things in her life like Scott [Sinclair, Flanagan’s footballer boyfriend] and her family and just go for it and think how proud they’d be. She was reminded that others were relying on her for food and if she showed courage, they and TV viewers would have more respect.” (Daily Star)


RADIOTIMES.COM TRUTH RATING: 4/5. Something had to be done: Ant and Dec were about to go postal with frustration, live on air, but there was no sign of the public letting Flanagan off the hook. And that turnaround was quite something – unless Flanagan is a masterful player of psychological games who was fooling us, the hosts and her campmates? Nah. Back to the first theory.