Made in Chelsea: Sophia Sassoon on Francis and Proudlock – and Spencer and Louise’s steamy shower

"When we watch the show together there's tension in the room because someone just said something about you and then you're sitting near that person and you're like, 'Oh s**t'"

Following the departures of Caggie Dunlop and Hugo Taylor (the latter can currently be seen braving the I’m A Celebrity jungle), Made in Chelsea was in need of some new blood. Enter Sophia Sassoon – the show’s latest leggy addition. Recently returned from New York, she wasted no time ingratiating herself with the Sloaney set – making peace with former flame Spencer Matthews, bonding with his new gal pal Louise Thompson and embarking on a spot of flirtation with fellow newcomer Andy Jordan.


But what does she really think of Spencer’s new relationship? What happened between her and Francis? And how does she feel about Andy’s crush on Louise? Read on for answers to all the above…

So Sophia, what exactly happened between you and Spencer all those years ago?

We met amongst friends but we only dated for a short time – I’d say a week and a half. There was a lot of flirting going on but I think it was just a young, little romance. I think it ended mutually – I can’t even remember. We may have seen each other once since at a party two years ago but we haven’t really been in contact at all. 

It must get pretty irritating being constantly asked about him, then?

It did really annoy me but hopefully that will change as the show develops and people see more of me. They’ll know that I’m not just Spencer’s ex. I don’t want to be associated with him any more. 

He seems pretty cosy with Louise at the moment – a changed man some might say. Do you reckon their relationship will go the distance?

Well, if they really love each other then they should be able to. If it’s not as strong then no, I don’t think they will. But they seem pretty in love so I hope for their sake that they do.

Spence has come across all possessive in the last few episodes of MIC – do you think that’s a fair portrayal?

I think when people are possessive it just shows their insecurities – oh my god, this sounds terrible – but it just shows another side of their character. If you’re in a relationship you have to deal with it for it to work.

What about their steamy shower scene in last week’s episode – would you ever be filmed doing something like that?

No, never. That’s just vile. Everyone seemed quite shocked. It was just – ewww – a lot… 

You’ve just come back from a few years of acting and modelling in New York – did you ever watch your friends on the show from across the pond?

I was aware of it. Francis told me about it right at the beginning but I didn’t really know how big it was in the UK or if it was really popular because we didn’t have it over there – you can’t even try to watch it!

You’ve been compared a lot on Twitter with previous cast regular Caggie Dunlop – long-time crush of Spencer’s…

She’s pretty so I don’t really mind. It’s a tiny bit annoying but I think as the show goes on I’ll be less compared to her. Out of all the cast I did think she was really good looking – I should tweet back and say thanks for the compliments. 

Do you reckon she’ll ever make a return to the show?

I’m not sure – it feels like she’s gone for good. I haven’t seen her around since she left. 

What about last week’s episode – we’ve seen you and Andy getting close recently so how did you feel when he declared his feelings for Louise over you?

It was early days anyway and I just wanted to see if there could be anything because I think he’s quite attractive. But I didn’t feel it either – he could be the best looking guy or the worst, but the connection wasn’t really there and I think we’re probably best suited as friends. I knew the whole Louise thing had been going on in his head for ages. 

Do you think his feelings for Louise have damaged your friendship with her?

I can carry on – I’m quite a laid back person. I think everyone here gets quite intense – in New York people are way happier. Obviously when it’s one girl over another you do feel slightly embarrassed, but I expected it because I knew he really did like her. 

Do you think Louise has feelings for him?

No, I don’t think she does.

What about perennial bachelor Francis – is there more to your friendship than meets the eye…?

We were really close friends and hung out a lot when we were 17/18 and have stayed in touch ever since. He’d always come to my birthday party and we’d call each other up while I was in New York. Then one drunken evening we kissed. It’s quite weird, though. I see him as – I wouldn’t say brother – but a really, really good friend. It’s quite hard to explain…

It sounds it! But you get pretty cosy with Proudlock in tonight’s episode…

I just think Proudlock is a really nice guy – we have a lot in common.

Jamie and Binky have been another major talking point of this series. Why do you think he acted so badly towards her?

I think he’s just like a lost boy. He obviously liked her and she liked him, but maybe she liked him a bit too much. He doesn’t know where his head’s at and he needs to not be dating anyone until he’s a bit older. 

It must get pretty awkward when the cast gather to watch episodes together?

I didn’t look at them when they were watching together but I bet they were awkward. That would be awkward for anyone. When we watch the show together there’s tension in the room because someone just said something about you and then you’re sitting near that person and you’re like, “Oh s**t”. But I think everyone gets it and understands – and people cheer if it’s something really good. It’s like a Chelsea football match!


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