Revealed – The Killing trilogy DVD box set design based on Sarah Lund’s jumper

All three series of the Danish crime drama will be released in a chic Faroese knitwear-style box before Christmas


Here’s something for Forbrydelsen fans to put on their Christmas lists. Ahead of the show’s return to TV this Saturday, can exclusively reveal the design of The Killing Trilogy – the DVD and Blu-Ray box set containing all three series of the Danish crime drama.


Sleek and black, the box nevertheless manages to incorporate the pattern of the now iconic piece of Faroese knitwear worn by detective Sarah Lund in the series.

The Killing Trilogy will be made available through Arrow Film’s Nordic Noir imprint on Monday 17 December and offers fans of the show their first ever chance to own The Killing’s first two series on Blu-ray. A standalone series three DVD will also be released.

The Killing, which made its debut on British screens in 2011, has become something of a cultural phenomenon in this country over the past two years. It won the Best International Bafta in 2011 and made an initernational star of actress Sofie Grabol, whose army of fans donned knitwear and imitated her distinctive scowl for a photo-contest last December.


The Killing III will begin airing on BBC4 this Saturday at 9:00pm. It was revealed last December by Grabol that the show’s third series will be its last.