Coronation Street spoilers: Kirsty injures Fiz, Leanne gets engaged to Nick, David and Kylie row

A preview and pictures of next week's drama in Weatherfield

Maybe the reason why Kirsty keeps her hair so long is because it hides the 666 that is indelibly inked on her scalp? 


Next week, the Omen of Weatherfield has Fiz in her sights, but this being Corrie we’re not talking about anything as extravagant as decapitation by a plane of glass or a skewering with a javelin. No, for Kirsty, a faulty sewing-machine needle proves to be the perfect weapon. 

Events are set in motion when Kirsty discovers that Tyrone has disobeyed her orders by talking to Fiz. Later, she spies that Fiz is having problems at Underworld with material jamming in her machine. As Fiz tries to fix it, she asks Julie to switch it off at the mains so she can untangle the cotton. 

While nobody is looking, Kirsty switches it back on causing the faulty machine to spark back into life and for Fiz’s hand to go under the needle. 

Kirsty takes control and points out that Julie must have mistakenly switched off the wrong machine. She then takes Fiz to hospital but, once at A&E, the caring façade drops and Kirsty makes it clear that she’s responsible for her injuries and if Fiz doesn’t keep clear of Tyrone, then the situation will only worsen.

Despite being left incredibly shaken, Fiz does tell Tyrone what happened and begs him to leave Kirsty for baby Ruby’s sake: “Ty, she’s going to destroy you if you let her,” she pleads. 

Tyrone though cannot bring himself to believe his friend, even though he’s again been subjected to his own abuse at the hands of Kirsty earlier in the week. In that instance, a paranoid Kirsty goes through Tyrone’s texts in search of incriminating messages from the mums at the Super Tykes baby group. 

But poor Ty is left in little doubt of his wife’s aggression when Fiz’s determination to prove Kirsty’s guilt leads her to call in the police. Believing she’s cornered Fiz in her own home with no witnesses in sight, Kirsty pins her to the wall delivers a harsh warning: “You shoot your pathetic little mouth off again and I’ll stitch that up,” she seethes. 

Little does she realise though that Tyrone is hiding in Fiz’s kitchen and has finally had the scales removed from his eyes.

Elsewhere next week, an embittered Eva vows to split Nick and Leanne up after Stella confides in her that she’s worried about the future of the pair’s relationship. Eva then tries to persuade Kylie that Leanne doesn’t really love Nick and is simply using him as a meal ticket. 

After Leanne tears a strip off her after catching her necking the remains of a Bistro customer’s bottle of wine, Kylie agrees to help Eva and sets about persuading Nick to propose to his beloved. Unfortunately, Nick’s grand gesture does not have the desired effect: 

“My marriage failed. I feel like a failure, like someone died. This is really cruel,” gasps Leanne, still reeling from her divorce from Peter.

However, Eva’s plan blows up in her face when – after heart to hears with both Ken and Simon – Leanne summons Nick to the Rovers where she tells him how much she loves him before asking him to marry her. 

Although happy faces surround Leanne and Nick as they later celebrate, Eva’s face is a picture of disgruntlement…


Finally, David is sulking after Kylie admits that she doesn’t want a baby with him yet. He later finds himself further perturbed after he learns that Kylie has been confiding in Nick. But as David’s self pity mounts, will Kylie find herself backed into a corner and reaching a decision that she could live to regret?