I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! Quiz

Another year brings another batch of brave contestants, but how much of a fan are you? Test your knowledge with our gruelling questions...


1. Who came runner-up in I’m a Celebrity 2011?


A) Antony Cotton
B) Emily Scott
C) Freddie Starr
D) Mark Wright

2. How many times has Katie Price gone into the I’m a Celebrity jungle?

A) Once
B) Twice
C) Thrice
D) Four times

3. Which celeb famously fainted during a Bushtucker trial in 2010?

A) Gillian McKeith
B) Britt Ekland
C) Sheryl Gascoigne
D) Kayla Collins

4. Animals of which species bit Shaun Ryder and Lembit Opik during their time in the jungle?

A) Rats
B) Badgers
C) Snakes
D) Lizards

5. What instrument does 2011 I’m a Celeb winner Dougie Poynter play in McFly?

A) Guitar
B) Bass
C) Drums
D) Maracas

6. Which reality TV show had 2007 I’m a Celebrity contestant Katie Hopkins appeared on before going into the jungle?

A) The X Factor
B) Pop Idol
C) The Apprentice
D) MasterChef

7. What was Antonio Fargas credited as during his appearance on I’m a Celeb in 2004?

A) Huggy Bear
B) Sweet Tooth
C) ‘Fast’ Freddie
D) Sweetstick Weldon Leia

8. Which now-defunct TV channel did 2004 I’m a Celeb contestant Janet Street-Porter manage in the 1990s?

A) Men & Motors
B) L!ve TV
C) Bravo
D) Quiz TV

9. Name the soap opera that made 2003 I’m a Celeb camp mate Daniella Westbrook’s name:

A) Coronation Street
B) EastEnders
C) Emmerdale
D) Hollyoaks during battle

10. Who was the first person ever to be voted off I’m a Celebrity?

A) Nigel Benn
B) Rhona Cameron
C) Uri Geller
D) Nell McAndrew

11.Which boyband was 2007 camp mate Jason ‘J’ Brown once part of?

A) A1
B) Five
C) East 17
D) 911

12. What is 2004 I’m a Celeb contestant John Lydon famous for advertising on TV?

A) Car insurance
B) Butter
C) Dog food
D) Budget airlines

13. Which political party was formed by 2008 contestant Robert Kilroy-Silk?

B) The British National Party
C) Veritas
D) Cannabis Law Reform

14. Sinitta, who appeared on I’m a Celeb in 2011, is friends with which influential media figure?

A) Richard Desmond
B) Simon Cowell
C) Rupert Murdoch
D) James Murdoch

15. What sort of hairstyle did 2011 camp-mate Pat Sharp famously sport during the 1980s?

A) Mohawk
B) Undercut
C) Dreadlocks
D) Mullet

16. Which incarnation of the Doctor did 2012 contestant Colin Baker play on Doctor Who?

A) Fourth
B) Fifth
C) Sixth
D) Seventh

17. In which year was Kerry Katona crowned Queen of the Jungle?

A) 2001
B) 2002
C) 2003
D) 2004

18. Which of Britain’s emergency services did Brian Paddick work for before entering the I’m a Celebrity jungle?

A) Ambulance
B) Fire
C) Police
D) Coastguard

19.Which sport was 2009 camp-mate Jimmy White famous for playing?

A) Badminton
B) Football
C) Rugby
D) Snooker

20. Which structured reality show made 2012 contestant Hugo Taylor’s name?

A) Geordie Shore
B) Made in Chelsea
C) The Only Way is Essex
D) Desperate Scousewives



16-20: King/Queen of the jungle – Impeccable. If this were a reflection of your performance on I’m a Celeb, you’d have an Iceland ad deal just around the corner.
Bushtucker champion – A strong showing indeed; the hypothetical equivalent of bagging a tabloid column after your return from Oz.
Mid-series evictee – Not a bad showing. If this were the programme itself, you’d at least get a few weeks of paparazzos following round Tesco when you got back to Blighty.
Grub muncher – Oh dear, with a tally like that you’re probably feeling as a low as a celeb booted out first and swiftly forgotten by the public, having chowed down on kangaroo knackers for nothing. Never mind, have a go at our film tagline quiz and win back some self-respect there. It’s cheaper than the Priory…