Homeland series two, episode six – “A Gettysburg Address” preview

Our spoiler-free look ahead to the upcoming instalment of the conspiracy thriller starring Damian Lewis and Claire Danes

It’s taken a series and a half, but the original game of cat and mouse is now over – Brody has admitted he’s been working with terrorists, and now he has no option but to assist the CIA as a double agent, or see his entire world collapse around him.


Whilst last week’s episode was a very static and emotive affair, a chance for Carrie to reap revenge on the man who tormented her – to break him down, to hurt him – but also to save him… A Gettysburg Address deals with the stark realities of the situation Brody is now in, and reminds us that there are more factors at play in this story than simply black and white, good and evil, Abu Nazir and the CIA.  

Brody has a family, an Achilles heel that has already once (in the case of Dana at the end of series one) stopped him from executing his revenge on the political administration that killed his precious Issa. They will continue to complicate his increasingly out-of-control existence.

How will Dana deal with the fact she has been involved in a hit-and-run accident in a car driven by the son of the Vice President? She is not her father; can she really remain silent with blood on her hands? But if (and when) the secret comes out, how will this affect her mother’s new found friendship with the political elite, and her father’s burgeoning career?  

Meanwhile, can Jessica really be satisfied with Brody’s out-of-the-box CIA excuse for all of his outrageous behaviour? Will she go back to playing happy families, or could her confidence be shaken once more by new revelations about her husband – not this time self-confessed, but brought to her by her ex-lover, Mike, who is now working with Quinn to find the truth?

But even if the CIA can keep theories about Brody quiet, can they really trust Brody – and what is more, can they rely on the “hunches” of Carrie who, let us not forget, was thrown out of the CIA for lying about her mental health? 

As these fraying threads begin to intertwine at the end of the episode, something major happens that will expose the operation, and the CIA, as more vulnerable than we first thought. Just how big is the anti-American conspiracy, and how far will Abu Nazir and his terrorist sympathisers go to ensure their plans come to fruition?  

Is Brody still keeping secrets from Carrie, and is Carrie able to control her feelings for the man who sent her over the edge? Can the CIA keep up with the terrorists, and will Brody’s family manage to stay together as the fallout of his lies pollutes their own lives?

Tune in on Sunday to find out…


Homeland continues on Sunday at 9pm on Channel 4