Escape from Planet Earth trailer featuring Brendan Fraser, Sarah Jessica Parker and James Gandolfini

See a teaser for the out-of-this-world animated film featuring the voices of some big name talent

Ever wondered just how many fantastic alien creatures the US government keeps cooped up at Area 51? Yes? Well then, you’ll want to check out this trailer for Cal Brunker’s new animated movie…


Escape from Planet Earth is the second feature from Brunker, who cut his teeth producing storyboard art for the likes of Horton Hears a Who and Despicable Me, and tells the story of two heroic brothers from the planet Baab whose day jobs involve performing all manner of daring intergalactic rescues.

However, after answering a distress call from Earth, the pair are captured and taken to that most mysterious of American military facilities, Area 51. Once there, they discover that they’re far from alone and begin plotting what the film’s publicity blurb calls “the greatest jailbreak in the history of the universe”:

Made by the team behind 2005’s Hoodwinked, Escape from Planet Earth features the vocal talents of a stellar cast including Sarah Jessica Parker, Jessica Alba, Brendan Fraser, James Gandolfini, Craig Robinson, Jane Lynch and Paul Reubens.


Escape from Planet Earth will be released on Valentine’s Day, Friday March 7 2014.